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Effective and probably the best way of alcohol detoxication and supplying the organism with the missing
vitamins and macroelements. We provide full discretion.

  • Hangover treatment
  • Alcohol, narcotic, drug detoxication
  • Alcohol detoxication
  • Vitamin drips

What Distingushes Us

Professional Healthcare Entity

We are a registered healthcare entity – we issue e-prescriptions and e-sick leave certificate e-ZLA/L4. During our visit we administer medication, including benzodiazepines.

Trust and Safety

Procedures are performed by experienced and qualified medical staff – physicians and paramedics.

Full discretion

We come to you by an unmarked car, in unmarked clothes and with an unmarked bag.


We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – call anytime!

Mobility And Speed of Acting

We arrive at shortest time to the place you indicate.

Care For Customer

Our specialist’s visit takes as much time as the patient needs – your health is most important for us! You do not have to worry that the physician or paramedic leaves when you are not ready for it.

Attested And Newest Equipment

During our visit at the patient’s place our specialist uses professional, attested and newest medical equipment.

Sanitary Regimen

We are prepared to fight the coronavirus! During the visit we use personal protection measures.

Benefits Of Drips


The drips offered by us start to regenerate the organism almost immediately after administration – usually the first effects are observed in 15 minutes. A full physical and mental ability is restored in a short time.


Water is the most important structural element of human organism. The ingredients of our vitamin infusions are composed in such a way that they supply not only the carrier substance, which is water, but also many other nutrients.


The drips administered by us allow to replenish the level of nutrients requisite for the organism in a quick and simple way.


The drips are administered intravenously, owing to which they are absorbed in 100% - it is much more highly effective than in other methods of treatment and supplementation (i.e. oral).

What does a visit look like?

Our specialist will arrive at the place you indicate with full discretion (in an unmarked car, in unmarked clothes and with an unmarked bag) – all this in as short time as possible, every day 24 hours a day.

They will replenish the liquids and electrolytes and administer the requisite vitamins and antioxidants.


They will perform alcohol detoxication and help to cure the hangover and other nuisant ailments, such as nausea, vomiting and headache.

See the course of visit on a film below.

Our Area of Operation

We perform the alcohol detoxication in the whole area of Silesian, Opolskie and Małopolskie Provinces.


Are you calling from a place located in the area of one of these three Provinces? If so, we guarantee that we will arrive at your place in the shortest time possible!



Frequently Asked Questions

Drips are the best absorbed method of effective regeneration and supplementation. They can also be used for alcohol detoxication. Intravenous infusions supply electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, ensuring their quick absorbtion and regeneration of the organism.


The drips are administered through the intravenous cannule, known also as the heplock. The injection is usually made in the area of the crook of the elbow. It is a simple and safe procedure and thanks to our specialists experience – it is also completely  painless.

Administering the drips usually takes from 40 minutes to 3 hours, but we assure that our specialist will stay with you as long as you need it – your health is the most important for us. You do not have to worry that the physician or paramedic will leave when you are not ready for it. We care for the safe atmosphere during the alcohol detoxication and regeneration of the organism.

Yes! The procedure at the patient’s house is supervised by an experienced paramedic or physician, no matter if it is the alcohol detoxication or ordinary supplementation. Our specialists choose the proper drips after recording a detailed patient’s medical history, which is meant to assess the patient’s general health condition and to rule out possible interaction with the medication used by the patient.

It is enough to contact us on the phone in order to appoint the exact date and time of the visit. We will take care of the rest!

Our specialist will arrive at the place You indicate with full discretion (in an unmarked car, in unmarked clothes and with an unmarked bag) – all this in as short time as possible, every day round the clock.

We approach every patient individually. It is not different in case of the frequency of drips administration. It is determined by the specialist during the medical consultation.

Yes! It is enough that you contact us by telephone and our specialist will arrive at the address indicated by you at the appointed time.

The first effects of the drips can be observed immediately after the end of the visit. Our patients feel the increase of energy and concentration, which is the result of rehydration of the organism and replenishing the electrolytes. Other health effects of the drips appear gradually. They depend primarily on the patient’s organism condition, including the degree of vitamins deficiency or the presence of chronic illnesses.

Yes! During our visit at the patient’s a medical interview is conducted. It is an indispensable procedure, which allows the specialist to rule out any possible contraindications for administering the drips.

Yes! Unlike the oral dietary supplements, the composition of the drips is strictly controlled by the Province Pharmaceutical Inspectorate.

Yes! Supplements administered via oral route are absorbed only in 30%-40%, which is due to the way of functioning of the digestive tract. The nutrients in the form of drips are absorbed in 100%, because they are injected directly into a blood vessel, from which they are immediately transported to all the tissues of the organism. When using this method, the concentration of vitamins and minerals in blood becomes much higher and the supplementation effects are quicker and more intense.

The drips administered by our medical staff are completely safe. Contraindications, if any, are determined during the medical interview preceding the alcohol detoxication or supplementation.


We accept card, blik and cash payments. Our specialist has a payment terminal, with which you can pay with card.

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Trust us – we employ experienced physicians and paramedics and we use professional , attested equipment.


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